Courses Taught by Prof. van Benthem in the Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Department:
ENG 45 Properties of Materials
Lecture—3 hours; laboratory—3 hours. Prerequisite: grade of C- or better in Mathematics 16C or 21C; grade of C- or better in Chemistry 2A. Introductory course on the properties of engineering materials and their relation to the internal structure of materials.
Quarter: S 2009; F 2010; S 2012; S 2013; F 2013
EMS 164 Rate Processes (co-taught by Prof. Groza)
Lecture—3 hours; discussion—1 hour. Prerequisite: Engineering 45 and course 160. Basic kinetic laws and the principles governing phase transformations. Applications in diffusion, oxidation, nucleation, growth and spinodal transformations.
Quarter: S 2011
EMS 230 Fundamentals of Electron Microscopy
Lecture—2 hours; lecture/discussion—1 hour. Prerequisite: course 162. Principles and techniques of scanning and transmission of electron microscopy used in the study of materials will be described. Emphasis upon practical applications.
Quarter: W 2009; W 2011; W 2013
EMS 230L Lab for EMS 230
Laboratory—6 hours. Prerequisite: course 230 concurrently. Practical application of techniques of electron scanning and transmission microscopy including x-ray microanalysis.
Quarter:W 2009; W 2011; S 2013
EMS 232 Advanced Topics in Electron Microscopy
Lecture—1 hour; discussion—2 hours. Prerequisite: course 230. Advanced course in the techniques of electron microscopy including analytical techniques, probe diffraction methods, and high resolution imaging.
Quarter: S 2010
EMS 232L Lab for EMS 232
Discussion—1 hour; laboratory—3 hours. Prerequisite: course 230L. Laboratory in advanced transmission electron microscopy techniques relevant to specific graduate research projects in materials science.
Quarter: S 2010
EMS298 Special Topics for TEM
Quarter: F 2009; F 2013
EMS289d Materials Processing
Quarter: F 2010; F 2011