Lauren Hughes


LaurenEducational Background:
B.S, Chemistry & B.A in English Literature, Mills College, 2012
PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, University of California, Davis (2013-Present)
Lauren is currently researching  the creation of strontium titanate bicrystals as well as these bicrystals’ grain boundary complexions after exposure to an electrical field.
She interned at Sandia National Laboratories CA (SUM 2010, SUM 2011, and 2012-2013). While at Sandia National Labs, under Chris San Marchi and Nancy Yang, Lauren researched hydrogen embrittlement in steel and aluminum .
Hughes, L. A., San Marchi, C. W., Somerday, B. P., & Balch, D. K. (2013).HYDROGEN COMPATIBILITY OF AUSTENITIC STAINLESS STEEL TUBING AND ORBITAL TUBE WELDS (No. SAND2013-2495C). Sandia National Laboratories. (Waiting publication in Int. J. Hydrogen Energy)
San Marchi, C., Hughes, L. A., Somerday, B. P., & Tang, X. (2013, July). Hydrogen-Assisted Fracture of Type 316L Tubing and Orbital Welds. In ASME 2013 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference (pp. V06BT06A018-V06BT06A018). American Society of Mechanical Engineers.